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Art, Music and Hula Hoop at Piedmont Park Arts Festival

Word from the Bird: Piedmont Park Arts Festival returns August 15 and 16, 2015. Read on to find out how you can be part of a new World Record and more.

What’s up with the hula hoop?

We are once again breaking a World Record. On Saturday and Sunday at 4:00pm we will be attempting to break the record for the most people walking through a HULA HOOP.

We will gather hands and everyone will form a large circle. The HULA HOOP will pass through each individual unassisted.

Registration will be at the Blue and White strip tent (manned by our partners) Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Everyone must registered and receive a number. At around 3:30-3:45pm -everyone will gather in the field and we will commence the “recording breaking.”

The festival is known for the art. What else can visitors expect?

There is something for everyone. We tend to lean more towards healthy foods, so you will find food trucks (2 food courts) – as well as the occasional beer for dad.

Art titled "Big Love" by Alina Eydel

Art titled “Big Love” by Alina Eydel

My son is a huge fan of the children’s area. What can I tell him to look forward to this year?

Everything inflatable. While he is waiting to break the record we encourage everyone to spend time in the children’s area, which is run by our partner Solid Rock Productions. They are not only the manufacture of the some the largest most dynamic inflatables, they will have bungee jumping spider jumps, as well as rock climbing and some the largest ever seen bounce house and shark slides.

What else would readers be curious to know?

The Piedmont Park Arts Festival has won more awards than any Arts Festival in the south. We attract artist from all over the nation, but are particular fond of the local artist as this is home base for them. And, we are all about supporting local. 

We also have a small music stage located near Greystone, mainly acoustic music, so its easy to spend the day and relax.

Atlantans pretty much know their way, but for visitors, here are some suggested parking ideas: Atlanta Botanical Gardens parking deck; parking area near Park Tavern; and, Grady High School typically has their PTA fund raising parking lot open on 10th street. Or, there’s easy access from the BeltLine.

See you at Piedmont Park Arts Festival!

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